• What is TRUE Premium?

What is TRUE premium?

What Requirements For Premium Formula

“Thank you, New Zealand”

Before becoming a mother, New Zealand reminds me of a country of a beautiful scenery,
thrilling activity, wine and cooking, adventure and romance.
After becoming a mother, New Zealand is the place where produces
100 percent New Zealand milk powder for my baby.
Blue sky, pure water, clean and broad grass, and grazing milk
cow The premium of PURELAC begins with a raw-milk.

01. Premium Is Clean!PURELAC is defined as Premium, because it is manufactured in the cleanest country, New Zealand, clear sky, clean air, pure water, lush pasture, huge lake and blue sea and the shining sun.
  • Sunshine & Air

    Awesome natural environment for human and animal with warm sunshine and clean air.

  • Soil & Grassland

    Fertile grassland with nutritional and uncontaminated soil.

  • Island

    Geographical isolation means agricultural production in New Zealand is free of pest and disease.

  • Lake & Ocean

    Premium quality with the natural aquifer water from volcanic activity and the pure water from glaciers.

02. No Such A Thing
In Premium
There are no antibiotics and no fences. Everything causing stress to cow is not in New Zealand. We believe that happy cow must produce healthy raw-milk. “Premium” is completed by being free from any worry for the quality.
  • No Stress

    2.8 cows grazed in one-hectare pasture have no stress and produce healthy raw-milk.

  • Infectious Disease Zero

    Infectious disease like such Food and Mouth Disease and BSE in “Group-Raising In Small Space” never occurred.

  • Anxiety Zero

    There is no artificial thing other than milking a cow, everything is natural. Our Premium is completed by guarantying safety.

  • No Antibiotics

    Cows eating grass in meadows without any antibiotics produce the clean raw-milk.

03. Process Is Also PremiumOur commitment is to make baby digest well, grow healthy, tall and smart! From the first idea to the final product PURELAC formula is manufactured to the highest standards. Years of experience have enabled us to provide babies with the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development.