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Privacy Policy for Personal Information

PURELAND committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of those from whom we collect personal information by the “Privacy Policy”.
This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which we, PURELAND, collect, hold and use information about your personal information

1. What purpose of Collection and How to Use
- Answering to the customers’ questions and holding the contents of the answers

2. What Type of Personal Information we collect
- Name, Phone number, Address, Email

3. How Long We Keep Your Personal Information
- The periods for which we keep your information depend on the purpose for which your information was collected and the use to which it is put.  We will not keep your personal information for longer than necessary for our business purposes.

4. Right to Disagree
- Individual has the right to refuse to provide personal information.
- However, if you disagree with the terms of the privacy policy, this website will not be able to provide full services or assistance.

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