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Pureland expands into Vietnam with the infant formula Purelac.

Purelac expands into Vietnam

Pureland, Korea’s leading infant nutrition and infant life style brand, on 21st of August. Tuesday signed a contract with DETECH, Vietnamese exclusive distributor to sell its Purelac infant formula line manufactured in the New Zealand, in an effort to tap one of the world's most challenging markets for nutritional supplements.

“Purelac will set its position as a premium infant formula brand in Vietnam as well as Purelac became top premium infant formula brand in Korea”, the President of Pureland, Song Kyung Soo said, and “We are expecting to $10million dollar sales by 2020”.

“We will fully support Pureland to reach $10million dollar sales goal as early as possible”, a Listed mid-sized company, DETECH Group President, Dao Van Tam said.